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About FreeElective

FreeElective™, founded in Chicago in 2009, was born of a passion for entrepreneurship, with the aim of improving how people connect with each other and the world around us.

Our mission is lofty—to help people find a compatible match, to help them celebrate and nurture their relationships through all seasons of life, and thereby to make meaningful contributions to society.

FreeElective is a well-funded, privately-held company, backed by a seasoned group of investors and advisors, with a corporate presence in the US and India.

Our flagship product, is a next-generation matchmaking platform that helps quality singles find a suitable match – whether they are ready to marry in the near term or want to get to know someone as friends first. We are also introducing, a complementary event-planning platform and marketplace that helps people discover beautiful venues, browse stunning ideas, connect with curated vendors and service providers, and plan weddings, receptions, and other special events.

We are also growing briskly and are constantly on the lookout for terrific talent. Read on to learn more about our current openings.

Life at FreeElective

We are small and growing company. This means that:

You will have a lot more responsibility and your contributions will have greater impact than at a large firm.

You will be able to get sh!t done and derive job satisfaction without being bogged down by bureaucracy or office politics.

You will have unparalleled opportunities to grow along with the firm, more so in an environment that values learning and constant improvement. (As we like to say to candidates, "You will learn from us and with us!")

It also means that we must be very selective about whom we bring on board. We are looking for people with the right experience, but more than that we are looking for bright people with the right attitude.

We set high standards for our work and expect the same of our associates. In return, we offer a fulfilling work environment and the opportunity to earn a meaningful stake in the company's long-term success.

If the prospect of working at such a company appeals to you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our values

We believe that values are revealed, not declared. Yet, we see value in declaring them here.

These are values that we aspire to and strive to practice:

1. Put people first. All else follows.
2. Work with joy. Be in a state of flow.
3. Keep learning. Stretch your comfort zone.
4. Stay humble. Stay grounded.
5. Practice open, honest communication.
6. Think long-term. Think relationships, not transactions.
7. Strive for excellence. Keep raising the bar.
8. Demonstrate initiative. Lift others up, too.
9. Take ownership. Get things done.
10. Do the right thing. Even when no one's looking.

Why join us

✔️ Excel without being bogged down by bureaucracy
✔️ Bright colleagues with the right attitude
✔️ Fulfilling, non-toxic work environment
✔️ Flexible work schedule
✔️ Culture of learning and constant improvement
✔️ Unparalleled opportunities to grow along with a growing business
✔️ Accessible leadership
✔️ Company-provided group health insurance.

To learn more about our values, work culture, and hiring process, visit: